Valtrex: live a life without herpes

valtrexValtrex is the next generation medicine which presents significant efficiency in treatment of herpes, effective and fast prevention of reoccurring cases and of potential transmission of this viral infection to other people. Valtrex is a brand name of the drug sold in the United States. Other names of the drug you can find are Valacyclovir and Zelitrex. Many pharmacies offer to buy Valtrex online or choose the drug under another name.

Herpes is a common name for a group of infections caused with virus of herpres simplex. Valtrex is effective for treatment not only of simplex herpetic infection, but for more dangerous cases of herpes zoster disease and hereps B infections. Valtrex is a new form of a treatment being a prodrug which gets activated into acyclovir after its absorption.

Valtrex comes in pills and is used for treatment of labial herpes which is commonly referred to as average cold sores signs (herpetic blisters appear on face and lips, common location is around a patient’s mouth), herpes zoster infection (this type of infectious disease is presented with shingles, there is know typical location of herpes of this type on a body, it can appear anywhere) and simplex herpetic infection (simple infection of herpes is also named genital herpetic infeciton and is usually gets present in genital area). It is a common misconception that herpes appears only on muculent membranes. Herpes can occur on a skin area surrounding the spot of initial infection. The virus of herpes spreads over body through nerve tissues. Commonly a human immune system blocks the virus on a certain nerve branch. If the immune system of a patient gets weaker, then the herpes disease will probably spread and transmit to other nerve branches.

Valtrex is the first aid medication when the first blisters or symptoms of herpes occur. It is important to start treatment immediately as the viral infection spreads very fast over the body. Some cases flow symptomless and a patient may not even know about having a disease.

Herpes virus is very resistant to environmental factors and the risks of transmission to healthy people through commonly shared environment: shower, toilet, towels, cups and glasses, forks, etc.

If you notice any signs being like or feeling like the symptomatic signs of herpes, then you should immediately start Valtrex. Anyone can buy Valtrex online. It is cheaper and is sold without prescription and immediately start the treatment following recommended dosages. Your doctor will then correct the dosages and course of treatment and will give recommendations on how to cope with the infection.

What should you know about herpes before starting Valtrex?

Herpes is a viral disease, it should be treated correctly, common antibiotics as Cipro or Amox will not work for the disease. Use only approved medicines for treatment of the herptic infection.

Herpes is almost impossible to treat completely. Modern medicine has not developed a drug yet, which will kill the virus and clear it out from a human body. Maybe the reason is that herpes virus affects the nerve tissues and spreads using nerve branches. Any possible medicines which will kill the virus will also kill the nerve tissues. Nerve tissues are very important as human brain sends signals to body parts to function. Body parts send signals to brain. If the nerve tissues are damaged then the brain loses the ability to communicate with the body.

Thus any treatment, you will use, will only help to control the disease.

Latex condoms do not protect from herpetic infection. The infection can be transmitted to a healthy partner even without a direct sexual contact. You can transmit viral infection on hands or even by kissing. Shared personal hygiene things can also transmit herpes virus from a contaminated patient to a healthy partner.

What Valtrex does for herpes treatment?

buy valtrex onlineWhen Valtrex gets absorbed in your stomach, it gets converted into an active form of acyclovir. It will not cure herpes, but timely start of Valtrex will sufficiently ease the pain and itching as the main symptoms of the disease. Herpes, treated with Valtrex, heals faster and better. Moreover, if you do not use any antiviral medications to treat herpetic infection, then the marks ad scars, which commonly remain on the skin after herpes blisters, will be more visible. Thus Valtrex helps to reduce the scars and spots on the skin.

Valtrex is sold in pills. Any patient can buy Valtrex online saving time and money on visiting clinic, getting tested and getting a prescription from doctor. However we strongly recommend to visit your doctor to get recommendations on how to take the pills, which dosages of Valtrex are optimum for your case and when you should start treatment. Valtrex is used not only when the herpes blisters are present on the skin or when you feel the first symptoms or notice the first signs of the infectious disease on your skin.

The medicine is also used to prevent herpetic blisters frequency on your skin, moreover, you will need to take regular courses of Valtrex treatment in order to reduce to minimum the frequency of the blisters.

Valtrex in different patients

Valtrex is a safe medicine for any group of risk patients including kids, geriatric patients, people with allergies and pregnant women.

Valtrex is one of the first line medicines to use against herpes. Less than 1% of patients report allergic symptoms associated with the intake of Valtrex. Allergic patients should be careful and must see a doctor before starting the medication. Tell your therapist if you had experienced allergic reactions to any types of medicines. List also possible reactions to various triggers as foods and drinks, care products, environmental triggers as pet fur or flowers. If you neglect allergic responses to the action of medicine, you may experience severe anaphylaxis which will need emergency help. The cases of allergic reaction to Valtrex are very rare. Contact your doctor to find out what are the possible risks to Valtrex treatment.

Valtrex in kids

Kids may get prenatal herpetic infection from their mothers. Herpetic infection acquired for the first time during the pregnancy is of the greatest risk for unborn children as the virus immediately penetrates the brain of an unborn child. If a mother does have a herpetic infection before pregnancy, then a child will get immunity against this type of virus. This does not mean that the child will not experience the signs of infection (blisters or shingles), but his or her immune system will effectively cope with the infection and will be able to suppress the virus. This also does not mean that this child does not need treatment. Valtrex will help to tolerate the disease easier.

However you must not give Valtrex to children under 12 years old. If herpes gets present in children younger 12 years old, then visit pediatrician to find out which cure will be optimum for the case. Most cases of herpes in children can be treated with topical creams and gels.

There are no studies proving the efficacy of Valtrex in children.

Valtrex in geriatric patients

There are no age restrictions for use of Valtrex in aged patients. But age related diseases as kidney dysfunction, liver disease and heart problems should be considered when Valtrex is administered to elderly patients. Commonly aged people require only adjustment of dosage of the drug. If the cases of herpes appear more frequently, then a patient commonly gets supporting medicines for protecting immune system.

Herpes treatment with Valtrex in pregnant patients

Valtrex belongs to the B category of drugs which means that the drug will not affect or harm either a pregnant woman or fetus. Valtrex is safe for pregnant women in all trimesters of pregnancy except of the cases of the initial contamination during pregnancy as the initial herpes contamination is pf great risk for fetus development.

Valtrex is not harmful for an unborn baby. But a case of herpes during pregnancy should not be neglected.

Precautions for taking Valtrex

Valtrex is a safe medication, however there are some precautions for certain patients. Do not start Valtrex on your own if you have one or several of the following conditions:

  • HIV
  • kidneys transplantation
  • kidney deficiency
  • severe liver diseases

When should I start Valtrex?

Valtrex effectively fights herpes blisters and shingles, however its best effect is achieved when the first pill is taken within the first 6-12 hours from the first symptoms. Commonly the first herpes symptoms comprise of swelling of a part where blisters are going to appear. A patient commonly feels burning and itching in this spot. Redness is also an evident symptom of the upcoming blisters.

In case of reoccurring genital herpes the pills of Valtrex should be started as soon as possible. Genital area provides the most favorable environment for the virus. Averagely, genital herpes lasts longer then herpes blisters on lips or face or other parts of body.

How should I take Valtrex?

You can buy Valtrex in pills which are the most convenient form of drug to take. A pill should be taken as scheduled with or without meals. Valtrex is not a harmful drug. It does not severely damage the kidneys or liver. But it is recommended to drink more water to induce the function of kidneys.

Which dosages of Valtrex are optimum?

Each case of herpes disease requires individual approach to treatment and dosing. Optimum dosage can be recommended only after blood tests are done and the severity of the virus is clear.

Next section is only of recommendatory character, the information on dosages of the anti-virus medicine should be corrected by a doctor.

Genital herpes

For the first outbreak of genital herpes requires one time dosage of 1000mg of Valtrex taken two time per day. The treatment is recommended to continue up to 10 days.

To treat the reoccurring cases of herpetic blisters on genital area skin the dosage of 500mg of Valtrex is required for three days.

To prevent herpetic blisters on genital area skin Valtrex is taken in dosage of 500mg to 1000mg once a day. The length and frequency of the preventive treatment should be prescribed only by your doctor.

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) treatment with Valtrex

Herpes Zoster is a severe disease which can affect up to 90% of skin of a patient. When the first symptoms appear Valtrex is needed in dosage of 1000mg at a time up to three times per day. The treatment lasts about 7 days.

When should I panic?

Valtrex is an effective medicine to cure herpes, however sometime the symptoms of other diseases are masked and are presented as herpes blisters. If you start treatment of the infection without seeing a doctor, then you can witness the symptoms worsening.

You must call the emergency if the next symptoms occurs:

  • fever
  • worsening of blisters or their spreading over other parts of body
  • vomiting and nausea
  • severe abdominal pain
  • bloody stool

What are possible side effects of Valtrex?

Valtrex is a well tolerated drug. It performs side effects very rarely. Less than 3% of patients report side effects associated with Valtrex treatment. The next side effects are caused not only with the medicine, but with the disease itself.

Patients having herpes and taking Valtrex commonly feel the next symptoms which are considered side effects:

  • Depression – herpes is impossible to treat completely. The disease requires a complete change of a life style. Moreover it present severe risks to your family and sexual partners not mentioning unborn babies. This commonly provokes depression. Thus you can feel sad and irritative. Patients lose interest towards commonly interesting things. Patients report excessive tiredness and loss of sleep.

Other side effects comprise:

  • Indigestion – patient with sensitive digestion system commonly feel nausea and can experience loose stool. Vomiting is very rare. Please, contact your doctor if nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are overwhelming.
  • Skin reactions – you may witness redness, itching and rashes – these are the signs of allergic reaction to the action of medicine. If the signs are severe and bothersome, then it is recommended to terminate the treatment and immediately contact your doctor to get other anti-viral drug prescribed.
  • Fever, headache and flu-like symptoms are possible – these are the evidences of struggle of your immune system with the disease. These side effects are considered to be a norm. Commonly they do not require any treatments or drug withdrawal.

Valtrex will not completely recover you from herpes. But it is the only anti-viral drug being active against all types of herpes infection a patient may have. It effectively controls the symptoms and reduces the frequency of outbreaks, moreover the outbreaks treated with Valtrex become less severe, and the blisters get healed better and faster. Buy Valtrex online and stop living with herpes.